About ljud.org

Ljud.org is now in its fifth incarnation, or something like that, and greener than ever before. Ljud.org has been a site for experimental music, serving things for free to strangers (or maybe mostly parents and their neighbours). Nowadays, a couple of the bands that used to be here, moved their homes to the record company BoogiePost Recordings, where exciting things will happen in the near future happen as we speak. And here I am, left with the world’s greatest domain name to fill with content.

The music published on ljud.org is done so with permission from the copyright holder. This does **not** mean that you or anyone else may use it for commercial purposes without permission from the copyright holder. Not that you or anyone else would do that. However, you may of course share the music with your family and friends in any way technically possible.

Ljud.org is created with [Wordpress][1] using [Vim][2], and is of course looking gorgeous in [Firefox][3]. If you find something that’s broken, please don’t hesitate to report it.

[1]: http://wordpress.org
[2]: http://vim.org
[3]: http://getfirefox.com