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Television Pickup @ CDBaby

It’s been there for a while now, but we haven’t said a word. But now we are. You should really point your browser towards the shelves at CDBaby, where you can purchase Television Pickup’s Da jeg var lille var alting større. This is especially handy for all you people closer to Portland, Oregon than we […]

For sale

Now we’re selling the debut album from Television Pickup directly from this site. At your left you have a button. Click it, and you’ll arrive to the sales department. Paypal is handling the credit card authorizations, but you don’t need to have a Paypal account to pay through their service. And please drop a line […]

World Premiere

Straighten your bow tie. Book a table. Raise your eyes. See the people you walk by. Call your local bus company. Find some spare change in the drawer. Buy flowers. Iron your shirt. Eat enough, but not too much. Feed the birds in the park. Tattoo your face. Clean up your messy desk. Move your […]

Musik von Rocky Mountains

In May I went for a three week trip to The Banff Centre in Canada. It was in many ways incredible, a lot thanks to high mountains, large woods and deer eating shrubs just outside my room. Dave Douglas was there, and had brought some good friends. So we talked about music and played some […]

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Big Bombastic Collective till Norge

Today starts the spring tour of 2006 with Big Bombastic Collective. The first concert is at Klub Leif, Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, and the last show is next Friday at Pit Stop in Kolding. In between, we’re off to Grieg-land, with all its fjord’s and troll’s. The whole thing is very exciting: May 10th 2006 – Klub Leif – Huset […]

Tabasco: Benny Goodman

Tabasco’s first release on is a tribute to the king of swing, mr Benny Goodman. Tabasco invites you to the little little room all the way down in the basement: pine panel walls posters from Hula beach serving as backdrop to that old Meccano just standing there. In the midst of all this – […]

Fräsch Luft

15,5 attacks again. This time with a 4-track demo which from the first moment rushes forward like a 60 metres race, as if it were recorded in a high school basement, as if the snow slush never dried from your worn out velcro sneakers, as if the general math course was spent writing rhythmical equations […]