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We would like to take the opportunity to give our english speaking visitors a warm welcome.Hjärtligt välkommen till den nya inkarnationen av is a Swedish music site that never before had said anything in English. But one summer and a correspondance course in conversational English later, we are now proud to present the new, bilingual,

More upcoming activities this autumn is not in any ways limited to:

  • The web premiere of ukulele swing sensation Tabasco
  • Hard Boil as you have never heard them before
  • Live performances (IRL) by Kap Farväl and Television Pickup
  • housing a new, for now secret, band from the capital of Sweden.
  • The comeback of Rugar

More details on this later on. For now, enjoy what we have, sign up for the mailing list and come back soon. Web stats are what we live for.