Frihet under ansvar (eller något i den stilen)

En dokumentär om åttiotalets ::wikipedia(“BBS”,”BBS:er”):: har licensierats under en Creative Commons-licens (Attribution – Share Alike, vilket i korthet innebär att man får kopiera och använda materialet i egna produktioner som man vill, förutsatt att man ger cred till upphovsmannen och licensierar sitt eget verk under samma licens), samtidigt som filmmakaren Jason Scott säljer den i ett tjusigt dvd-paket för femtio dollars. I denna text förklarar han varför att ta betalt för sina verk inte nödvändigtvis behöver gå hand i hand med ett strängt kopieringsskydd.

And yes, it’s so easy, having now created something that has the potential to cost me a lot of money, to reach out and want to use these tools for my own end. Even though, in my own high school and college years, I made songs that used samples from professional productions, even if I took screengrabs from films and put them on a website to make a funny parody in 1995, I see my own work and the temptation is there to go “No, this is different. This is my stuff and you can’t have my stuff without paying for it.”

But that’s not what I did. Instead, I stayed true to my belief system and licensed it under Creative Commons, giving away a lot of the tools that US copyright law grants me, because they’re are By the Jerks, for the Jerks, and should perish from this Earth.

It was in some ways a tough decision, because you want to “protect” yourself, but then you realize you’re not really “protecting” anything; all you’re doing is being a paranoid twitch-bag. And once you realize this, then it becomes a little easier.

(via kottke)